Hey chicos! I’m Tuned in Tony.

I’ve always loved moving around in vehicles and going places. I couldn’t sit still for a minute except when I wore my favorite yellow hat to watch trucks and machines on construction sites.
That’s when it happened… I was watching a crew working on a new building, so I was very concentrated on the crane loading all the bricks. As the crane lifted the new load of bricks, I noticed that one of the cords was on the brink of letting go. There was an elderly lady walking by. I ran quickly, took her hand and walked her to safety before the bricks tipped off the platform on to the sidewalk.

My TUNED IN super powers came to me and the three gray antennas came out of my yellow hat. Since then, I have learned to concentrate on others things too. I realized that I was probably missing out on other important events, so now I “tune in” more often.


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