Buenos dias! Hello everyone!

My name is Curious Caleb and I’m from the Amazing Amigos.

Some of my friends call me the sleuth, others the tireless detective, but I like to be known as the Amazing Amigos P.I. I bet you don’t know what that is? It means private investigator. Why you say? I love to find things out for MYSELF. I investigate everything and my sidekick magnifying glass is always there to give me a closer look. Sometimes, things look different from far away. You can really get to know them by looking closer and observing them.

Although, I discovered that even when I look really close sometimes I still don’t understand what’s happening or how it works. One day as I was walking home, a friend of mine was crying on his porch step. I observed him from afar and then got really close. I saw no sign of injury, no broken toys or anything unusual. Finally, I asked him some questions and discovered that he was locked out of his house and had lost his key. We found his key, thanks to my handy questions.

That’s how I got my CURIOUS super powers. Great observation skills always lead me to ask the right questions.


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