Hola! My name is Creative Kris from the Amazing Amigos.

I always thought that I got my super CREATIVE powers, because I love to decorate everything. My paintbrush is never still as I add color to all the objects around me bringing them to life. I’m passionate about COLORS. They all have special meaning for me like yellow is exciting, blue is peaceful, and pink is lovely.

Although I’ve come to realize that my creativity shows in other ways too! Once I was in a hurry on my way to see a sick friend and I came to a dead end in the forest. There were many trees surrounded by high bushes with sharp thorns. I was so upset, because my friend needed me urgently. As I sat down, my back against the tree, an idea came to me. I took my faithful paintbrush and painted a hole on one of the trees. I got on my hands and knees and crawled right through it.

That day I realized that creativity is lots of things that aren’t just beautiful. I often think about the author of my favorite book as I read it over and over again. He is really creative too, so I guess creativity is all about using your imagination!


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